Saturday, April 24, 2010


Today was a fairly unproductive day. I had a huge to-do list, but I hardly accomplished any of it. I just didn't have much energy to get around to completing much today. Plus, Jon was gone studying most of the day, and it rained, so the kids and I were cooped up in the house together all day.

So this afternoon the kids got bored and decided to experiment with cause and effect. They threw all the socks into the spinning ceiling fan to see what would happen. Of course, if it were anything other than socks, I wouldn't have allowed it, but they just had a blast and this activity entertained them for quite a while. Yes, we're amused easily around here!

Then they learned more about cause and effect when they had to clean them all up!

To-Do list:
Clean out Garage...
Finish Lesson...
Organize Basement...
Etc, etc, etc...
Read to kids... check!
Play with kids... check!

Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive. But even though I failed to complete most of my to-do list, I still feel this day was a success. I spent it with my kids. :)

Monday, April 19, 2010


Our sweet Charity has hair that grows very slowly. She was bald at birth, and she's never had a haircut. So now that she's 3 (almost 4) and her hair is FINALLY starting to grow, what does she do?

She gives herself a mullet!!! I went downstairs for a few minutes, and somehow she had gotten a hold of some scissors, and when I came back up the damage was already done. And she was so proud of herself! She said, "Look at my pwetty hair mommy!"

I'll have to cut it short I guess, and we'll just wait for her hair to grow out... again.

Luckily, with a face this cute, anything goes!

Fe Fi Fo Fum!

We had such a nice weekend here, so we went outdoors, and spent the afternoon at the park. Here are a few pictures of our day outdoors...

Daddy and the kids played "Hide and Seek" and had a blast!

However, this was not a normal game of Hide and Seek. Daddy and the kids like to play this game with a twist... Daddy growls, "FE FI FO FUM... I smell the diaper of a stinky bum!!!"

He finally found them... and they're off!

They got away!
Round 2... and Jakey joins in this time!

Here we go again! "FE FI FO FUM! I smell the diaper of a stinky bum!"

(Pretending not to see them)

Then we played on the toys for a while...

And went on a family hike...

Each of the kids found their perfect walking stick and then after the hike we hid them in the park for the next time.

Such a happy day!!

Days like today make the not so good days worth it.

Friday, April 9, 2010

3D Ultrasound

We have a friend here that's a GE employee, and he offered us a special opportunity to get a 3D ultrasound for free! So we got the first glimpse of our little man today. He was being pretty stubborn for most of the appointment, (taking after me already)...

But then at the last minute, he finally turned around and she got some cute pictures of his little face.

There he is!! We love this little guy already!!
Can't wait to meet you Baby Boy Hudson!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Friends Forever

"The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend".
- Cali Rae Turner

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Boss

This little man cracks me up!!! I've found him sleeping in this position lately, and it totally reflects his attitude lately. He's definitely hit the terrible-twos, and he thinks he's the head honcho around here. I suspect he might get his little nose out of joint though when baby number 5 comes along!

Budding Artist

Over the last 3 months or so, Benny has become very interested in drawing. Although "interested" is definitely an understatement. Maybe obsessed would be a better word. He wakes up every morning and the first thing he wants to do is draw. After school, I usually let the kids play outside for a while, and then they go down for quiet time. But Benny doesn't nap during quiet time anymore, instead he spends the entire 2 hours drawing. I supply him with paper and a pen, and then when quiet time is over, every day I'll walk into his room to find this...

He usually likes to draw Veggie Tale characters...

But lately, he's started drawing animals too...

Notice the shark, the ladybug, and um... that's a camel in the middle. lol! We're really glad he's found something that he enjoys so much, and we're trying to help nurture his love of drawing. We'll definitely help him develop his artistic skills and abilities, if this continues to be something he's passionate about. His Nana and his great-grandma Moore are extremely talented artists... so it's in his blood I guess. :)
Benny is truly a one of a kind little boy. He has such a tender and creative spirit. I'm excited to see what kind of unique contribution he'll make in this world. Whether it's drawing, or anything else he chooses, I know he'll give it his all, and do something great.
I love this little budding artist.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

He is Risen!!

This is one of my favorite general conference talks ever. I love my Savior Jesus Christ, and I know that He lives. Happy Easter!!!

Easter Festivities

It's been such a wonderful weekend! We had nothing going on this weekend except an Easter celebration, and General Conference. It was really nice to enjoy some unstructured time together without any major plans. I'm pretty exhausted right now (as usual these days), so I won't write much, but I'll let the pictures do the talking. Here's what we've been up to over the last few days...

Hope you had a wonderful Easter too!!


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