Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Little Wallflower

Most people who meet our Sweet Charity Lynn assume she's quiet, reserved, and shy.

And she can be, until you get to know her.

And then you realize, first impressions can be deceiving...

When she warms up, watch out!  This little girl has SPUNK!  I read a quote once... "It's beauty that captures your attention; personality captures your heart."  Well- this little girl has captured our attention AND our heart.  She is a beautiful girl, with an endearing personality, and I love every facet of it- including her feistiness and super strong will.  She will most definitely be a leader.

She had a nice birthday on July 8th.  It was just a family party this year.  Every even year starting at age 4, the kids are allowed a friend party.  But on the odd years- we have a family party with the usual Hudson birthday traditions, and a family outing.  So Charity chose to go swimming this time.  It was fun to celebrate together- just our family.  Sometimes friend parties can get a little out of hand, so it was nice to just have a simple party together to celebrate the birth of our sweet and spunky girl. 

We love you Charity Lynn.  Happy 5th Birthday!


Jill said...

5 years old? Wow. That's amazing! Happy Birthday, Charity!

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