Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birthday Girl!

Can't believe our sweet Celeste turned 8 last week!! She's always had such a great smile and endearing personality...
This contagious smile has brightened our lives from the time she was a baby! Wherever we went, people would say, "That is the HAPPIEST baby I have ever seen!!"

And then she turned 2, and developed a bit of a 'tude... ;)

She definitely has some serious spunk! She's a strong person and she can assert herself with the best of them. And so smart!

And for as young as she is, she has gotten around a lot! She was born in Texas...

Travelled across country in a motorhome- twice! And visited 34 states!

(And thoroughly enjoyed it!)

And she's lived in 3 different states already. We can't wait to see where life will take her next!!

She had a friend pool party last week, and had a blast. Twelve giggly girls makes for one fun (and noisy) birthday bash!

Happy Birthday to our beautiful Celeste! You have such a bright future ahead!

We love you. Always have.

Always will.


Julie Jardine said...

Oh man, she is SO CUTE! I just can't believe how time flies! 8 years already! Happy Birthday Celeste! She is amazing!

By the way... I'm still waiting to hear all about the Europe trip, and all the up's and down's... post soon, like you promised. :)

Anonymous said...

So sweet. Doesn't time fly??!! Happy (belated) birthday Celeste!

6jardines said...

She looks just like her pretty mama! Eight is such a fun age!

Jill said...

I sure love this girl! Happy Birthday, Celeste!

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