Sunday, July 24, 2011

Isagenix Results

Check this out! This video made me cry.

This woman is so inspiring! She achieved these results by adopting the lifestyle of nutritional cleansing I'm so passionate about. And it completely transformed her life. The amazing thing- she she was an audition finalist for the Biggest Loser and ended up losing more weight and inches than any contestant on this season's show. I really believe this is the best way to lose weight- and keep it off for life. Diets don't work! This is a healthy lifestyle change that cleanses the body and then replenishes it with the nutrients and minerals we need for optimal health. I can't stop talking about how great I feel by adopting this lifestyle. My sugar cravings are finally under control, hunger curbed, and I feel vibrant and healthy again. And now my (super sketpical) Mr. Wonderful has tried it and lost 32 lbs. in just over a month! And he loves it!! Totally don't blame him for being skeptical- I was too. When you hear claims like this- it seems like a quick fix- or a fad diet. But it's honestly not. It has been a lifesaver for me and my family- literally. With diabetes, and heart disease in our family- this lifestyle change could literally add years to our lives- not to mention dramatically improve the quality of those years. That's why I feel a moral obligation to share this with people I care about.

So I'm now coaching people through this process- and LOVING it. It's so fulfilling to help people regain their health and encourage them along the way. These are what two of my recent cleansers had to say:

"I'm so grateful that I joined Isagenix! I had been looking for a natural and healthy way to have more energy to keep up with our 5 energetic boys. After 9 days on it, I have found that I no longer need/want an afternoon nap! What?! I'm moremotivated to get things done and as an added bonus, I lost 4.5 lbs and 13 inches in those 9 days! It's an amazing product!" -Shannon P.

"After each pregnancy I went up a size in clothing, which with three kids, means a lot of weight! A wonderful friend convinced me to give Isagenix a try. Results? In my first 7 days I've lost 10 pounds, have a lot more energy, and reduced sugar cravings. I LOVE my results! Can't wait to see more weight fade away :D" -Jessica T.

See why medical doctors and nutritionists are recommending these products:

And this helps explain the difference between nutritional cleansing and dieting:

This stuff works. The results speak for themselves!

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