Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Patch!

I've been having this problem lately.  I keep getting these strong impressions to BLOG again.  But I feel so overwhelmed by the thought since I'm like a year behind, that I always seem to talk my way out of it (it's too late, I have too many other things to do, where do I start? no one reads it anyway, etc).  Can anyone relate?  This is not just a problem when it comes to blogging, but just life in general.  I'll set a goal for myself, and sometimes won't achieve it- and then I get discouraged and talk myself out of even trying. It's demoralizing, isn't it?!  But I realized the best thing to do is just START dang it!!  Just jump in where I'm at.  I was feeling like I'd probably always be behind since I have to back track so much.  But I'm going to just jump in and have a fresh start TODAY and when I find time, I'll start catching up on missed posts from the last year.  It feels so good to do the thing I had been avoiding.  We gotta start somewhere!  So here goes!!

We've decided to make every Saturday morning an excuse to go on a family outing.  It's healthy to get out of the house, and have some free time together.  But it seems it doesn't happen these days unless we schedule it!!  I think it's all about scheduling the TIME slot in the week- making that non-negotiable, but leaving the activity open for suggestions.  That way there's some flexibility, but there is also consistency.  So this Sat, we went to Craven Farm in Snohomish, and had a blast!!  We haven't had too many outings with all 6 kids yet.  It is still a tough adjustment period right now.  I've got to seriously up my game.  Is it ever WORK keeping up with all these balls of energy!  But we'll get used to it.  Here are a few pics of our adventures:

My handsome men on the hay ride (cost $17 for all of us for about 10 minutes, haha!  But totally worth it.)

They wouldn't allow strollers, so we got creative. :)

I've been meaning to get a pic of these two together!  They both lost their two front teeth around the same time.  At this rate, the tooth fairy is going to go broke!

Sometimes when I look at pictures, I still can't believe ALL these kids came out of this body??  What the??

Lovin on my happy boy!!

Pumpkin sling-shot!  Too fun!

My little pumpkin sitting back and enjoying the ride:

Pumpkin before:

Pumpkin after:  
The kids worked really well together tonight.  Daddy assigned everyone a job (tail, ears, etc, and we worked as a team to create this guy.  I know we're so weird.  But it was a fun!!  Hope you're all enjoying this time of year.  It's my favorite!

Happy Fall, Y'all!


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