Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I LOVE baking. I especially love baking treats. Something about the smell of freshly baked goods filling my home...whoa... it just makes me happy. So I made these amazing cinnamon rolls yesterday. They're easy (no rising involved!) and so delicious!! I got the recipe from my dear friend Jill's cooking blog... (Thanks Jill!)

Darn it. I've been trying to lose this baby weight, but at this rate it might be a while! If only I had the self-control to stay out of the leftovers! Oh well... :))-double chin

Ballet Beauty!

Celeste took ballet lessons this summer with her best friend. They had a blast! She looked forward to the lessons every week. The instructor invited the parents to the final class of the summer so we could see all they learned...

Celeste with her best friend N. Two beautiful ballerinas in training!

Such a Daddy's girl!

Baby Blessings

Baby Jarom had his blessing in church on July 4th. I can't believe this is the 5th time we've done this! Time is going by so fast, but so slowly at the same time... (that doesn't make any sense, does it! Haha!) But in some ways it feels like it was just yesterday that the other babies were blessed. In our church we believe babies have no need of bapism. They are pure and clean, and won't be held accountable for their sins until they reach the age of accountability (8 years old.) But babies are given a name and a blessing by their fathers. It's a very sacred and sweet experience. Anyway, so here are the babies on their special day, in order of appearance...

Jarom Thomas Hudson
July 4, 2010

Father's Day

I've gotten really behind on blogging lately. Hmm... wonder why??

I'm not sure if it was a blessing or not to have baby Jarom the week that school got out. I don't have to get anyone ready for school in the mornings, or get them out the door on time... which is a blessing. But on the other hand, they're home all day! So it's been a challenge... but the kids have been so helpful, and I've really loved the unstructured time we've had together this summer. We've definitely been busy with all sorts of fun activities. I'm going through some of our pictures and playing catch-up today...

On father's day, I dressed the kids up in their new t-shirts, and they made breakfast in bed for daddy to celebrate his special day. Then after church they played this ridiculously goofy game Jon came up with. (His creativity amazes me!) He stands at the top of the stairs and wraps a blanket around his head. Then the kids yell, "Rapunzel, rapunzel, let down your hair!" And they kids take turns holding on to the blanket and trying to climb it and swing around until they drop onto the cushions on the floor. The kids LOVE this game! I know, we're so weird. Haha!

Daddy with his newest little guy...

I just love my husband so much. I'm grateful that he's such a devoted, loving family man and that he works so hard for us. What a man!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!
We love and appreciate you!
And of course, I can't forget my own wonderful father, who has the most kind and compassionate heart. I love you Dad!


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