Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yummy Gift Idea

Speaking of the young women, I thought I'd share a couple ideas for anyone who might be interested in a fun gift idea. I can't believe I've been serving as the Young Women President for over a year now! For their birthdays this last year I made them each a candybar card (24 of them!) Our presidency divides up certain responsibilities and I chose to make these because I LOVE doing them! I have really enjoyed thinking of each girl and pointing out their unique qualities. Here are some of the phrases I use...

She's a real HOT TAMALE
We've had WHOPPERS of fun together
We love her to PIECES
She always makes us CHUCKLE (or) SNICKER
EXTRA EXTRA read all about it!
We really hit PAYDAY
If you're ever in a CRUNCH you can SKITTLE back to us and we'll be your LIFESAVER
(or) If you're ever going through a SOUR PATCH, we hope you'll always remember to ROLO (n) to your knees and Jesus Christ will be your LIFESAVER
She's going into the M&M (miamaid) class
We hope she finds a HUBBA-BUBBA MR. GOODBAR (when the girls are old enough to start dating)
She's a real TREASURE to us
She's MOUNDS of fun
Our hearts STARBURST with love for her
Hugs and KISSES
We'll love her NOW AND LATER
There are many REISENS why...
We're losing a little BIT O HONEY from our beehive class
She's no AIRHEAD, but she's a real SMARTIE!
We've been waiting for her to join young womens, and HERSHEYS! ("here she is"... it's a bit of a stretch, but I was getting desperate for ideas!)
Sister NECCO le Hudson! (love that one!)

Now that each of the girls have gotten a candybar card for their birthday, we decided to start giving them a new gift... A hanger. (Ok... I know what you're thinking... A HANGER?!) But it's not just any hanger, it's a very special hanger! Hopefully this is a gift that will be meaningful to them as they get older and start thinking about marriage. Unlike the candy that will be gone in a week (well in my case a day), I'm hoping that this is a gift that will last.

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Sarah C said...

I am totally going to copy your candy bar idea. That is awesome. I love the wedding dress hanger idea for the young women. You are a great person to serve with the young women. I am sure they all love you.

Carol said...

I have a white padded hanger that I got at some point, I'm pretty sure it was as a Young Woman with a poem called "three white dresses" about blessing, baptism, and wedding dresses. My wedding dress is actually hanging on it today.

shannon said...

That's so much fun Nicole! Who doesn't love some creativity and treats? The girls are lucky to have you and all the other leaders to help them grow up!


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