Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Testimony

I found this video on a friend's blog, and I thought I'd post it here to help clear up any misconceptions out there.

I am so grateful to be a member of this church that has brought so much JOY into my life! I know the doctrine is TRUE, and the Book of Mormon is the word of God. We believe that the book is another testament of Jesus Christ. We also believe the Bible to be the word of God. I am grateful beyond expression to be a part of this church that has been such a blessing to me and my family! I invite any and all to read the Book and find out for themselves.

I testify that if you read the Book of Mormon, and sincerely ask in prayer if it is true, that God will manifest the truthfulness of it to you by the power of the Holy Ghost, and it will bless your life as it has mine.

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Sarah C said...

Thank you for sharing that. I totally agree with you. Happy Valentine's!

Melisa said...

Well spoken, my dear.


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