Thursday, May 20, 2010


So the kids filled up their Rupee jar, and we followed through with our promise to take them on a special camping trip. And it really was special!! It was great timing, because Daddy had just completed his exam that he had spent months studying for. So, it was so nice to just have some unstructured time together after months of craziness. Here are a few pics from our camping adventures...

Charity's marshmallow caught on fire. The kids were highly amused. :)

Jakey had a hard time waiting to make "Snores" (as the kids say) with his marshmallows. He even ate them before they got toasted...

It was a relaxing morning... for most of us anyway. While Daddy was setting everything up, the kids had fun climbing trees, playing the harmonica, reading, playing card games, and feeding the birds.
And for anyone who thinks I went camping in a tent 8.5 months pregnant... um... NO WAY! This is our comfy pop-up camper... with soft beds, and a heater. In my mind, this is the ONLY way to camp! Especially with young kids.
"Can you catch me Daddy?"

Charity is such a Daddy's girl!!

It was so fun to read stories and sing together by the campfire. Here's Celeste reading "Rapunzel" to all of us.

There was this beautiful sandy beach within walking distance from our campsite. It was warm enough (barely) for the kids to go play, and they had a blast!! There was no one around, so it was especially fun to have the entire beach to ourselves.

My favorite part about the whole trip was on Sunday when we went for a hike together. We wanted to make it a spiritual time to honor the Sabbath, so during the hike we stopped at each bench along the way and the kids each chose a hymn that we all sang together. It was such a spiritual experience to be out in nature with my loved ones and to help teach the kids to appreciate the beauty of the earth.

What a wondeful getaway. The kids have been especially well-behaved lately in hopes that we can go camping again soon! And I'm being pretty generous doling out those Rupees, cause Daddy and I want to go again too.


Julie Jardine said...

So fun! I'm surprised that it was warm enough to go...but I guess it helps to have heat in a tent trailer. That is our problem...we only have a tent. Therefore....probably no camping this summer. But what a great way to make lasting family memories! My family would go camping a lot growing up. I loved it! (but we also...had a trailer!)
Also...I can't believe you are 8.5 months already! I still have to wait all summer! Hope the delivery and everything goes well! Can't wait to hear about it all!

Jill said...

What a fun camping trip! I would go camping if we had a pop-up camper, too! No tents for me, either! ha ha!

Kinsey Pistorius said...

what gorgeous photos of all of it! looked like a lot of fun!!! :)

Neoma said...

I have to admit, Nicole. We stole your rupee jar idea. We've been going for a couple of days and the kids are so cute about it. It is amazing the kind of power a little jar with and a bunch of marbles can have. Thanks for sharing.

PS I didn't realize you were so far along already. You make such a beautiful pregnant mama.

shannon said...

Hey Nicole,
O love that you guys had so much fun and you're such a sport to go when you're so far along!
We may have to get a pop-up one of these days! The last couple times camping in a tent haven't been so wonderful for getting actual sleep! Fun stuff.


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