Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hudson Hugs

We have a special family tradition every night. We put the couches together and have "snuggle scriptures". We try to teach the kids principles of the gospel, and spend some time together as a family. Then after we're done, we say a prayer, and have what we call "Hudson Hugs". This is when we all put our arms around each other and say "1...2...3... I love you family!!" Then we hug each other individually. It's the BEST way to end the day. If When there was contention during the day, this little ritual helps us move past any negative feelings, and end the day on a good note.

Lately after the kids hug everyone else, they hug my belly and say, "I love you Baby Jarom!" So tonight after Jakey hugged my belly, he hugged Daddy's belly too, and said, "I love you Baby Jarom!" We all had a good laugh! :)

Comparing bellies...

Hope you're ready to join this CrAzy family Jarom! We can't wait to meet you... tomorrow!!

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