Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kids say the darndest things...

 Random interview with Celeste (age 7):
                                                                  1st Birthday: (July 2004)

7th Birthday (July 2010)

What does it mean to be happy?
It means to smile. To be good.

What five words do you think most describe you?
Friendly, piano, child of God, creative, good listener… uh, sometimes.

Where do babies come from?
Mommy's tummy.

Describe the perfect meal:
Pancakes and sausage with syrup and cake and ice cream... and a slushie.

What's the best part about being a kid?
Playing!  And losing tooths and getting dollars!  And also being creative.  And not taking care of kids- cause it’s really hard.

What would be the best part about being an adult?
Going on dates and eating as many treats as you want.

What's the worst part about second grade?
Math... Math... MATH!!!  (Ha!  I have a feeling Daddy won't like this answer.)

What do you think about boys?
Handsome, cute (Grr- Daddy won't like that one either!)

Are you a republican or democrat?

What's life all about?

What are the greatest inventions ever?
Candy.  And family  (in that order??)

If you could change one rule that your family has, what would you change?
Eat candy whenever we wanted.  (Hmm- I'm seeing a pattern here- is she her mother's daughter, or what?) And have one hundred dresses.

What is something that makes your family special?
We believe in Jesus.

Are you a good friend? Why do you think so?
Yes- because I let people get their way sometimes.

What is the hardest thing about being a kid?
When you have little brothers and sisters- they ruin all your stuff. You wouldn’t want one.

If you could grow up to be famous, what would you want to be famous for?
Singing and art and piano

Would you cheat on a test if you knew you would not get caught? Why or why not?
No. Because I know it’s not the right thing to do, and I would feel sad.

If you were a teacher and the kids in your class would not listen to you, what would you do?
Hmm, I would tell them to stop and if they don’t- then I’d yell. Well, not like really really yell, but like kinda talk loudly.

If you could invent something that would make life easier for people, what would you invent?
Invent only one child in every family- that would make life easier!  Brothers and sisters are crazy.  (Me: But you still love them right?) Yeah, I do- but they still drive me crazy.

If you could create some new rules for the whole world, what would they be?
To be able to eat on school buses.  And only have to brush your teeth once a day- cause I don’t like brushing my teeth twice a day.  No tornadoes.

What is Heaven like?
White with clouds. And maybe even lots of white horses. Pure. Peace.

What do you do when you’re married?
You dance around in a ballroom. You can kiss and go out for dates.

Why do you think God sent you to this family?  
So I could make my family laugh. 

Yep- you're definitely right about that one!!  That's one of the MANY reasons you were sent to our family.  We sure love your bright personality Celeste.  Thanks for the joy, enthusiasm, and laughter you've brought to our home... and thanks for putting up with your little brothers and sisters!

Now please excuse me while I resume eating as many treats as I want.


Sarah C said...

That was so cute! Thank you. You really made me smile today. She is darling.

Jill said...

Ha ha ha! As many treats as we want. Why not, eh? I want to dance in a ballroom and go on dates. Celeste should tell Tyler! :D

Julie Jardine said...

To cute! Did you come up with those questions on your own? They are great! I can't wait to ask my kids, and see what they say. I love her answers. She is such a special girl. Can you believe how time flies! These kids are getting too big, too fast. I wish I could eat as many treats as I wanted to also. ;)

Adam and Christine Jardine said...

Love it. So funny, I'm sure being the oldest can take it's toll, I don't know about Celeste, but Lucy seems to hide it so well. This is a great journal!

Ellie said...

Very sweet. I love the idea of interviewing your child on her birthday. I may have to borrow that one.


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