Friday, June 10, 2011

Amazing Brothers!

These videos were just posted on Youtube- and I had to share them.  These are my extremely talented brothers.  God has given them both a gift- and they have worked hard to develop their talent, and it inspires me everytime I hear them sing.  They are both voice teachers- helping others develop their talents too.  Love them both!  I'm actually going to have an opportunity THIS weekend to go to Europe and sing with them!!  It's a once in a lifetime opportunity for me- so I'm thrilled!  Plus, I've basically been a single mom for the last 5 months- (Jon has been working crazy hours) so I could seriously use a break. 

(Just thinking about it though- I miss Mr. Wonderful and the kids already.)  :(

Anway, so here they are:

Ben as Tony in West Side Story:

Um yeah- he's pretty much amazing!!  His acting is incredible too. I know I'm biased- but I'm not the only one who thinks he's talented. Leonard Bernstein's (the composer of West Side Story) son and daughter were actually in the audience one night! And after the show while we were standing there, his daughter approached him and said that in the last 25 years that she had been touring around the world and watching different West Side Story productions, Ben was the best Tony she had ever seen! Talk about a compliment!
And here's one of Joey and Ben together performing the lead roles in The Secret Garden:

Aren't they great?  I also need to get a video on here of Joey singing Stars from Les Mis.  It's incredible.  I'm so proud of them both!!

(Can you tell?)

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