Thursday, February 2, 2012

Well... HELLO there!!!

Wow, it's been SO long!!! Well, what can I say about this extended absence? Basically, it's been a brutal few months! I don't think I broke the news on this blog yet, but... I'm pregnant with #6! That means 6 KIDS AGES 8 AND UNDER. I know... crazy, huh?! I'm still trying to process that news myself! But we're so grateful and excited!! Couldn't be happier to welcome another little one into our lives.

So yes, to put it bluntly, I got knocked up... but this pregnancy has knocked me DOWN, big time! So much for my goal to be more consistent on this blog, haha! It's been humbling really. During the first trimester, I felt like I had seriously been hit by a truck most days with extreme fatigue, and morning sickness. It was all I could do to drag myself out of bed some days, let alone clothe, feed, teach, read to, play with, make dinner for, clean up after, the kids. So blogging has been put on the back burner for a while, along with cleaning the shower, and dusting the furniture, etc. But I'm feeling SO much better now that we're into the 2nd trimester. I really feel like myself again! So I'm relieved, and grateful for my patient and understanding hubby, who chipped in when he could, and never once told me to get off my plump prego butt and mop the floor.

So now that I'm back to blogging, I have some SERIOUS catching up to do! I can't wait to read all your posts!! Feels so good to be back!!


Jill said...

Welcome back! And congratulations on the baby on the way! I can't wait to hear more. :)

shannon said...

So glad to hear you have more energy now! Being prego is HARD work! You probably grew a limb today! ;)


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