Thursday, November 1, 2012

Back to School

Bittersweet day.  Mostly bitter.  I'll miss these sweet faces during the day, but I'm glad the school year is starting again.  I LOVE the routine and structure the school day brings.  The kids are excited to meet new friends here, but there has been a LOT of anxiety lately from Celeste- expressing worry that maybe people won't like her repeatedly throughout the day.  She misses her old friends.  I really feel for her.  It's tough to move.  But I know she'll be fine.  I told her when she feels that way, to say a prayer in her mind to Heavenly Father, and that He is always there to comfort her. 

I also reminded her that when she starts feeling self-conscious, it's time to forget herself, to look around and smile and think about how to help and serve others.  Consider their needs and their feelings, and then go to work and do what you can to help them and by so doing, help the Lord.  That kind of life brings true peace and joy.  Wish I had learned that sooner in life!!  It wasn't until college that I really understood that truth.  My hope for her, and all my children is that they learn and apply that principle, because only by losing themselves in service to others and to God will they be truly happy.

Love these children.  They drive me absolutely crazy sometimes.  But I love them just the same.

Sweet Jakey put on his backpack too, and wore it around the house most of the day.  He was so bummed to be home alone without them.  But he felt better when I reassured him that I needed him around the house- as he is the big man of the house during the day.

These pics make me sad.  I know these days will be over all too soon.

Must remember to cherish these moments before they're gone.

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