Sunday, June 15, 2008

King for a Day

Daddy rockin' out to his favorite tunes!

The wonderful father of my children got to enjoy royal treatment today. The kids and I crowned him "King for a Day". I thought I'd share the details in case any one wants to try this out on their hubby next time, cause it was a blast and he really felt special! I can't take all the credit though, I got the idea from the family fun website.

So first thing in the morning, we brought him downstairs where we had laid out a red carpet leading to his 'throne'. Then he was presented with a 'scepter' with a remote control taped to the top. We had decorated the throne and placed a few magazines, a selection of his favorite movies, treats, popcorn, etc. and we even put the gong within reach in case he needed anything! Then we made the following declarations...

Let it be written, let it be said…Our King shall eat his breakfast in bed.
Because our king is kind and good…This day he shall feast on all his favorite food.

Let it be heard, let's all proclaim... The King's wild queen today will be tame. ;)

(This was a promise that I wouldn't nag or complain all day!)

And last of all, we had a few cute (and one grumpy) court jesters on hand to keep him entertained. What more could a king want? :)

Jon is so deserving of this royal treatment. I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful father for my children. He's an honorable man of integrity, he's valiant in the gospel, he has great leadership ability and tremendous intellect (he missed one question on the math section of his GED... and was disappointed!!). He's so generous, thoughtful, passionate and he keeps me laughing like no other. In short, he's everything I dreamed of as a girl (and more) when I envisioned my future husband. I love you Sweets!!

I'm also grateful for the man who helped me know what qualities to look for in a husband. My Dad is such a tremendously loving father. I'm so inspired by him and grateful for all he has taught me. He has been a wonderful example to me in so many ways. But this picture I took during a tender moment with Benny says it all... I think it really shows the kind of man he is. :)

Happy Father's Day to the wonderful men in my life!


Jill said...

Happy Father's Day! What fun ideas to celebrate - I'll keep those in mind for next year! :o)

Anonymous said...

I love the ideas! We are going to do that this weekend! We had to postpone our FAther's Day celebration. With no electricity we couldn't make him breakfast in bed...or make his favorite we told him it was on hold!


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