Saturday, June 28, 2008

Having a BLAST!

We went to the 4th of July celebration at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base last night with our good friends the Williams. We had such a great time!

With 8 young kids between us, it was a lot of work to keep everybody happy...

Luckily, Jon came prepared as always with patriotic hats and enormous bubbles for our enjoyment.

My friend Jenn... (love that girl!!)

Dancing to the music...

Here was our attempt at a nice family picture... but it never seems to work out! Benny was particularly un-camera friendly at the time.

What a wonderful night... to be with family and friends, and to celebrate the goodness of God in raising up such a nation. I feel so blessed to live in this great country! In fact, I turned to Jon during the "fire-flies" as the kids call them, and whispered, "it doesn't get much better than this"... and I meant it.

Happy Independence Day!


Hyrum said...

Hey guys,
Ive wanted to say hi for awhile and just let you know that I was thinking about you all. I am so glad that I can get constant updates on how you are doing through the blog. You sure have one of the most beautiful families I have ever seen, well except for the tall hairy guy...jk. I often reminisce about the good times we had back in Ellensburg. Recently I was playing the new Super Mario Kart for the Wii and that brought back some good memories with John, plus I have been talking with Chad Thornock a little and catching up with him. I remember him John and I going to the "wii" hours of the morning playing rainbow road. Anyways love you guys and keep up the good work with the blog!!!!

Lilola said...

So glad the hairy guy shaved; he's MUCH better looking clean shaven! LOL
Love your view of our country, God bless the USA.

Anonymous said...

John!!!!! It was a good thing that your wife left your post - that was only about a month ago though! It has been really nice to see your family and to catch up on how you are doing. So, I had a chance to talk to Hyrum today and it sure brought some great memories flooding back. I hope you are doing great(it sure looks like it). Anyway, I'll comment again soon and you can find our page through Hyrums (by the way, my wife's name is Ashleigh)
Sure am glad to read about you again!
-Chad Thornock

Jill said...

What a great post. I love the TATTOO on-base! This is the first year that we missed it - was it your first year to go? We truly are blessed to live here in the USA. You have such a dynamite smile, Nicole! :o)

jess said...

i miss you guys!!


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