Sunday, April 26, 2009

Family Home Evening

In our church, we are taught to set aside one night a week for a special family night, we call family home evening. It usually consists of an opening and closing prayer, a musical number, gospel themed lesson, an activity, and a treat (of course). So here's our special rendition of "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam." The kids request this as our musical number every family night.

These are the promises we've been given if we are faithful to this divinely inspired counsel:

"If the Saints obey this counsel, we promise that great blessings will result. Love at home and obedience to parents will increase. Faith will be developed in the hearts of the youth of Israel, and they will gain power to combat the evil influence and temptations which beset them." President Joseph F. Smith

It's not always easy to make it happen every week, but I feel the love and closeness in our family growing stronger as we set aside time to be together, and I know that being true to this counsel will help strengthen and fortify our families.


Mel said...

no wonder they want to sing that song every monday! love it.

Drew said...

Heck of an exercise regimine. Maybe I should try the "Sunbeam Technique."

Jill said...

Adorable video! I love the fun activities that your family does. :o)

Bronson Clan said...

I love the song guys! You have such a fun and fantastic family. What a good example for all of us!


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