Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Catching up

I figured it was time to get caught up on blogging, since it's been forever since my last post. I have been SO EXHAUSTED these last couple months. Seriously, there are some mornings where I wake up and have done absolutely nothing, but I feel like I have just run a mile. I must be low on iron or something. I've been struggling to just barely keep up with the basics, so blogging hasn't been high on my priority list. Luckily, I have a loving and patient husband, and he hasn't said a single word about how the house has looked lately. He encourages me to nap when I'm tired, and he'll drop what he's doing and (gladly) go on ice cream runs for me whenever I give in to my cravings... which is way too often these days. I'm so lucky to have him in my life. As you'll be able to see by the posts to come, my fatigued state hasn't slowed me down much. It's pretty much impossible to slow down when you have 4 young kids to take care of... especially during the Christmas season.

Here I was in my new maternity dress (thanks Mom and Dad!!) after church this week. We're about 18 weeks now, and we have our ultrasound to possibly find out the sex next week. Yay! I can't wait! I'm so relieved to be in the second trimester because I'm beginning to feel more alive again. It's been so fun to catch up on all the blogs I have missed. I love getting to see what the Christmas season was like for you. I sure missed my blogging buddies!


shannon said...

You are so beautiful Nicole! (as always) But I just love this this picture because you have a tiny little bump and it's so cute! Glad you're back!

Julie Jardine said...

Man! I wish I looked that good at 18 months. I think I look like that now, at only 5 weeks! (but that's cause I couldn't stop eating sugar and never did loose those last 20 lbs. Oh well!) You look awesome! I'm sorry you've been having a hard time. I hope your second trimester is better. I totally hear ya on the nap thing. And it is wierding me out, because I'm not used to being so tired during the day. And it is hard to find time to acutally take a nap. (So it usually ends up being during a show or something.) But it is nice to have a loving and patient husband!
I can't wait to know what the gender of this baby will be!

So it looks like you had a fun Christmas! I love seeing the pictures of your family. You guys are all so awesome! Your mom looks great! I just love seeing the smile on her face! You can tell that she is just where she wants to be. She sure loves those kids. And I love the "crazy" photo at the Christmas sing. You guys are the best! Wish we could have been there. Maybe one of these years! I'm glad you are upholding the tradition!
Well, have a great day! I was so gald to see you blogged! It is fun to see your cute family!

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

that's a really cute maternity dress! I've been looking for a cute one...but nothing looks good. lol...i feel like i'm a whale... ha ha. I usually end up wearing my elastic band skirts :)

The Woods said...

Good to catch up with you and your family! I hope the 2nd trimester has more energy in store for you. Between morning sickness and exhaustion, the first trimester can be a doozy! Looks like you got through it fine and looking better than ever. Good luck on that ultrasound next week!

Dana said...

You are such a cute pregnant momma. I love it! I'm glad that your hormones are only making you tired, but not messing with your ability to appreciate the great husband standing by your side!


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