Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jakey's 2nd Birthday

Can our little baby boy be 2 already?! I can't believe it. Here he was at 2 months. Ha ha! These pictures crack me up!

And here he was yesterday. He woke up to presents on his bed (some toy cars and trucks, and puzzles), and he had lots of helpers waiting to help him unwrap. (Yes, that's Christmas wrapping paper... we're kind of cheap like that.)

Then Nana and Papa sent a bunch of balloons and a stuffed monkey! Thanks guys! As you can see, he was thrilled!

And after dinner, we had a little family party. We danced, played London bridges, duck duck goose, and then had cake. It was so much fun just to have a simple little celebration together!

Dancing with Daddy

Love my boys!
More dancing...
London Bridges... sort of.

And then we had cake and ice cream. I took this picture right as Jakey was licking his lips, and little Charity was going in to sneak some of his frosting... that did not go over well!

And the funniest thing... the kids really wanted to give him something, so they chose "presents" (junk from around the house) to give to him. They spent half the afternoon finding and wrapping presents for him. And surprisingly he LOVED them! It was so funny! I think he was just happy to have presents to open.

A pen! Yay!

A washcloth... ha ha! He acted like it was the greatest gift ever!!

And a book we already owned.
This kid makes me smile and laugh every day and he is such a blessing to our family. There is so much personality crammed in that little body... I just LOVE him so much! Happy Birthday my little Jakey-buddy!


Neoma said...

Sam chose toys that he already owned to wrap up for his little brother and cousins. They all thought it was great (and I was happy not to add anything to the house clutter). Jakey looked pretty excited about that wash cloth...

Jill said...

I seriously cannot believe that he is 2 years old. WOW. How time flies! Happy Birthday Jakey!

Julie Jardine said...

Oh my goodness, that is cute! I love the "recycled gift" idea! What a great kid! I love how you go all out for your kids! I'm sure they feel very special when it is their "special day!"

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Jake! He looks so cute in his Birthday hat. LOVE IT!


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