Friday, February 5, 2010

30 by 30

So I have been thinking of making a "30 by 30" list for a couple years now, but I just haven't made it a priority. So on my birthday last week, I realized I'm pretty much running out of time! So being the total procrastinator that I am, I finally sat down and started thinking about things I would like to accomplish this year. In order to come up with these goals, I thought about Christ, and how he "went about doing good." I love that simple little phrase! So the criteria for my goal setting was that it would help me accomplish that purpose, to help me become more like Him.

So here's my 30 by 30 (minus a few very personal ones I'd like to keep to myself). They're divided up into 3 categories:

Personal (Development of talents or personal progression):

-Read at least 1 "classic" book per month
-Finish the New Testament with notes/spiritual impressions in the margins
-Finish the Book of Mormon with notes/spiritual impressions in the margins
-Take an evening class at the local college or an online course to learn how to draw
-Have a baby!
-Try out one new recipe a month
-Write an outline for my 1st book
-See the Dead Sea Scrolls (ok... I admit... I added this one after I already did it haha! I do that all the time on my daily to-do lists. I'll write something I've already done that day just so I can check it off... pretty silly!)
-Sing at Carnegie Hall! (No this is not a joke! My family might have an opportunity to put on our annual Christmas concert there this November!!! I hope everything works out because it would be such an amazing life experience for all of us!)

Family (Grow in love and unity):

-Work with Jon to organize and develop better systems in office/basement (a place for everything and everything in it's place!)
-Read at least 5 "classic" chapter books to kids (include in bedtime routine)
-Tour the "Cave of the Mounds" with family
-Go camping at least 4 times this year with family
-At every family dinner ask the kids, "What one nice thing did you do for someone else today?"
-Develop a consistent and effective positive reinforcement system for kids (I haven't been able to find something that I can keep up with yet... everything I have tried is great for a couple months, and then it flops.)
-Have a charity garage sale with family (all proceeds go to charity... no, not our daughter! haha!)
-Go to a Brewers game with Hubby
-Develop a solution to give more individual attention to kids (one night a week they get to stay up 1/2 hour later than the other kids to have some one on one time with me... M-Celeste, T- Benny, W-Charity, F- Jakey)
-Create an "inspiration book" with hubby


-Invite 24 people (twice per month) to a church function/ to read the Book of Mormon/ or to check out to learn about the gospel
-Write a thank you letter to everyone who has mentored or inspired me
-Visit all 8 of the widows in our ward
-Volunteer at a homeless shelter
-Volunteer with the young women at a nursing home
-Do one kind thing for someone every day
-Magnify church calling- (come to know and love every young woman on list and strive to live an exemplary life)

Whew... I really hope I can fulfill this list of goals. The only problem is... "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak." (Mark 14: 38) So I need to work harder to discipline myself to use my time wisely so I can accomplish all of this by the time I turn 30! Wish me luck! :)


Julie Jardine said...

You must have a younger ward or something with only 8 widows. But what a great goal.

I also will add what I actually did to my to-do-list, just so I can cross it off.

That would be amazing if you all could sing at Carnegie Hall.

Good luck with all those goals....heck I give you credit just for coming up with them! That is great! Mabye I will just have to steal some of your great ideas! You are such a wonderful person! Accomplishing these things will just make you even better! You surely will be blessed!

Jill said...

Wonderful goals for a wonderful person. Miss you!!! xoxo

military mama said...

Great goals! What a wonderful way to break them down. YOU CAN DO IT!

shannon said...

You always inspire me Nicole! Thanks for putting up your list, it's awesome to see the good you want to do. I'm eager to hear how your discipline plan that sticks goes. If you find something that works please share! We seem to be changing every couple months as well!

Sarah C said...

You are amazing. You totally inspire me. Good luck with all of your goals. You are wonderful.

jessica said...

You are an inspiration!

I remember getting ready to turn 30-- I hadn't had that solo art show in a gallery or a published book etc. etc. etc.

But, I did have 4 amazing children and had a slumber party every night with the man of my dreams...

Maybe I'll get to some of the those things before I'm 40?


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