Saturday, February 13, 2010

February Package

The kids have received a special package from their Nana and Papa every month since October. It's so sweet of them!! And the kids sure look forward to it! Today the February packages came, and before the kids opened them, Celeste paused, and said thoughtfully, "Nana and Papa really love us, huh?" I think the kids understand that Nana and Papa put so much thought and effort (and expense) into these packages as an expression of love for them. Since they can't be close to us, they want to be as involved in their lives as possible. I know this will be a special memory for the kids, and I hope Nana and Papa know how much we appreciate their thoughtfulness.

Each package has included some funny pictures of Nana and Papa... the kids (and Jon and I) sure get a kick out of it!

The kids each got an enormous super-soft stuffed doggy! They absolutely LOVE them!

And yummy Valentine treats too!

Here's Jakey with his stuffed doggy. It's bigger than he is!!

They played with their new stuffed animals all day long.
And they also became their new favorite pillows.

Thanks again Nana and Papa! Happy Valentine's Day!!
We love you!!!


Julie Jardine said...

Inspirational...I want to be that kind of grandparent! To Awesome!!! It is so nice that you put all the pictures up for them, so they can participate in the excitment....ya know, see what the kids looked like while opening the package! That is amazing that they send something every month. I figured it would just be for holidays and the like. But wow! They sure do love your kids a lot!
And thank heaven you have a nice big house all those giant stuffed toys! Looks like a lot of fun!

Jill said...

How incredibly sweet!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

Rufener Family said...

Got to LOVE grandparents! Looks like the kids loved those stuffed animals. So Fun! Whenever a holiday comes around my kids just wait for their package from their grandparents!

6jardines said...

Nana and Papa are the best!


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