Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random Funnies

So I was in a bit of a funk the other day. I was feeling a little discouraged and upset with myself cause I was running late again... why is it that I forget something or someone has a dirty diaper every time I need to leave the house? And why does someone always have to stop by when the kids just finish trashing the living room? Anyway, so I was letting the little things get to me. And then Charity walked in like this...

I mean seriously, how could I possibly stay in a bad mood after that?! This little girl is such a hoot! I love her quirky sense of humor! Here are a few random funnies that have brightened my days recently:

Charity: Mommy, can we pwease have Roast Beast for dinner?

On Jakey's birthday, Celeste asks if she could open one of his presents. Jakey: NO! It's MY birthday boy!

Charity (At the top of her lungs): OH WHAT FUN IT IS TO RIDE IN A ONE HORSE OPEN EGG! ?

Daddy during an FHE lesson: So kids, we need to learn how the Holy Spirit speaks to us- the language of the Spirit.
Celeste: Oh, so does the Holy Spirit speak Spanish?

Charity during a prayer in the sweetest little voice: And pwease help us not to punch someone in the face.
(The girls played dress up with baby Jarom the other day, and dressed him up like this, haha!)

Charity: Mommy, I think I'm allergic to snow. You know why? My hands get fweezing when I touch it.

And you'll never guess what was on her Christmas list this year.  She asked Santa for a Liahona.  (Sorry- only Mormons will get that.)

Benny: "Can we please have some yucky charms?" (I was seriously so disappointed when he learned how to pronounce his L's.)
Benny's blessing on the food recently...
"Please bless us to drive home safely (We were already home), and thank you that Mommy made this nice dinner (Daddy brought home Boston Market that night), and please help us have a nice weekend. (It was Tuesday night) Haha!
Sometimes you just gotta laugh! I like this quote by Sister Hinckley, "The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. You either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh. Crying gives me a headache."
— Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Go Packers!


Julie Jardine said...

Oh, so funny! I was laughing out loud, and made Jared pause his show so I could read these to him. Too cute. I need to remember to write down the funny things my kids say and do. It is important to rembember the good when there is bad. Love it.

Julie Jardine said...

I particularly love the "Spanish" comment.

Anonymous said...

Those are some cute pictures. I didn't realize that Sister Hinckley said that! I must have heard it sometime and not realized it. I say that all the time and thought that I made it up :)

Jill said...

Benny's prayer made me laugh OUT LOUD! So funny! :D

Neoma said...

Your kids had me laughing out loud. Thanks for the boost. I always love the great things kids say in prayers. I think Heavenly Father loves them, too.

Carol said...

I haven't caught up on your blog for too long. I laughed out loud reading these. Especially how they remind me of my own kids. Ah. I love motherhood (and I get those Funk days sometimes, too).


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