Monday, February 28, 2011

Seriously Spoiled

So I know I write a lot about how wonderful my Mr. Wonderful is. But I just can't say enough. He's not perfect, but he is truly perfect for me! We've gone through our tough times- marriage is hard work- but it's only made us stronger and more united as we've learned from our mistakes.

Jon has always had a serious tendency to spoil me- like almost overboard spoilage- (not that I'm complaining :)). Here's a quick explanation of how he went ALL OUT to make our recent celebrations special and memorable-

Our anniversary tradition is to take a trip to a new temple each year to remember the covenants we made to each other and to the Lord. So we take turns selecting the temple and planning the accomodations. This year it was Jon's turn. So besides planning and executing a 5300 mile motorhome trip across the country (with 5 kids in tow), he also planned a trip to the Portland OR temple for us.

And he chose this charming bed and breakfast: Ok- it turns out it was originally a floating bordello (a whorehouse) that is supposedly haunted. Nice, huh? Haha! But we got a good laugh about it. And it was really was wonderful- no ghost sightings... a cozy room, fireplace, hot tub, and delicious breakfast, and we could actually sleep-in without being awakened by babies or the kids crying 'cause they wet the bed. It was just the getaway we needed to recharge our marriage and renew our closeness. Thanks to Nana and Papa Sasnett for watching the kids again to make it possible!

And here's the Portland temple surrounded by Evergreens. So beautiful, and clean, and sacred. I just love the temple and the serenity I feel there.

Then for my 30th birthday, he showered me with gifts- including a little light reading...

So I came across this article from Time magazine recently specifying the 10 greatest books of all time, and it inspired me to read all these books at least once in my lifetime. (I'm trying to become more well-read and more familiar with the classics, and I figured this would be a good start). So I mentioned my goal to Jon a few months ago- without expecting him to get them for me. It was a great surprise to unwrap them- and a little daunting.

Then he took me out to dinner and on a surprise birthday outing to see these guys perform their live improv tour!

This is Colin and Brad from "Whose Line is it Anyway?" They are absolutely brilliant! I really love clean and wholesome humor- it's hard to come by these days. I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt. I don't have a mind that works that way- so I really admire anyone who can think on their toes the way they can. A-mazing.

So if all that wasn't enough- on Valentine's Day this year, I got a special delivery- gorgeous fire and ice roses (my fave).

Then he took me out to dinner that night, and as we were enjoying a meal together, these guys surrounded our table and began to serenade me!! He hired a barbershop quartet to sing 3 romantic numbers for me! I mean, c'mon! How could I not be touched by that. It made me cry- big time.

Here I am just beaming. Love that man!!

The thing is, I really don't expect much at all. Honestly, I would be perfectly content with a card, or a hug or some small acknowledgement of our special days together. I feel seriously undeserving of his adoration- but it sure is nice!!! And I truly appreciate his efforts to make me feel special and cherished.

So Mr. Wonderful spoiled me as usual this year. Mother Nature however, wasn't so kind...


Anonymous said...

You have quite the keeper. You deserve every ounce of it though.

Kinsey Pistorius said...

wow, what a treasure to be able to document all that he does for you that is so above and beyond special. I love the example he is setting for your boys and especially that your girls will expect nothing less from their prince charming!!! :)

Jill said...

So glad you are documenting this. It will be good to reflect upon these memories when times are tough. I know that when I doubt Tyler's feelings for me, I just read the poems he has written to me during our marriage and they always make me smile. Sure do love you, Nicole! :D


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