Sunday, February 19, 2012

Halloween Pics (Yes, I'm that behind!)

Ok, so I know it's past V-Day, but I'm still trying to play catch up!  Had to get a few pics on here from halloween, so the kids will remember the fun we had.

We're all about themes for halloween.  Jon and I like to participate- it makes our family feel unified- and it's just so dang fun!  Love this tradition!  But someday (SOON I think) the kids will probably start being embarrassed by their dorky parents, and won't be too thrilled with this tradition.  They'll probably want to do their own thing soon, and that's ok.  But they're loving it now!  So I'm going to enjoy this as long as possible before that day comes. 

We decided to go as Packers fans this year.  Kind of lame, I know, haha.  It was all I could put together though. I was newly pregnant at the time, sick and exhausted.  So I almost bagged it completely this year.  But I'm glad we made it happen.  And it was pretty cheap, since there were tons of Brett Farve jerseys at Goodwill. ;)  So here we are as Packers Fans... and one cute, cuddly, football.

Love this face, haha!  He's like "Seriously Mom?  Is this hat all you could come up with??"

Intense football fan faces.  Grr!!


shannon said...

I'm so glad you posted this! I've been long behind too---but without good excuse! i'm going to have to catch up too! I love the cheese head theme---the kids will always remember that! How fun!

Julie Jardine said...

I love the football baby. Ha! Can't wait to see what you do this year! Love it!


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