Friday, March 14, 2008

Winter Adventures

As spring is quickly approaching, I thought I'd document some of the adventures we've had this winter...

This is a picture from our family Christmas concert at the Washington D.C. visitor's center.

Here's Charity, all bundled up for our first snow day in December. I swear, it took me a half an hour just to get her ready.

When we finally got her outside, she was completely miserable... (all that work for nothing!) But a little hot cocoa made everything better... she's definitely her momma's girl ;)

The frigid temps couldn't keep us from geocaching and playing at the park together!

Feeling the Christmas spirit!

Jon and I celebrate our anniversary every year by going to a temple we've never been to. We're starting to run out of temples in the area, so we went all the way to Chicago this year. We take turns surprising each other with the accomodations. This year was especially amazing.

I'd have to say the greatest adventure (and I mean adventure) of the winter was welcoming our newest bundle, baby Jacob, into our home. He has already been such a blessing to our family.

My little man's first day as a sunbeam. I bawled my eyes out that day :( .

The last snow of the winter was a doozy! We were hit with a blizzard and a whopping 13 inches of snow. We definitely took advantage of it though!

Here's the snowman the kids made (with Daddy's help)...

and here's the snowman the kids made (without Daddy's help) ;)

Whew!!! What a winter! Here's hoping spring will bring just as much fun!


Jill said...

I'd say you have everything you need in your blog: pictures & humor = entertainment! :o) I love Benny's bowtie and the difference between the snowman the kids made WITH and WITHOUT Daddy's help. So precious! :o)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great winter! Do you guys go to the DC visitor center every year? We used to go every Christmas when we lived in Maryland to several of the performances, I can't remember them though. I just thought that would be ironic if one of them was your family!


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