Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blessing Day

Jacob was blessed in church today. It was really beautiful. One of the men standing in the circle said he usually keeps his eyes open to make sure the baby is doing ok, and apparently Jacob was looking up at Jon through the entire blessing, with this sweet trusting look on his face. He said it was almost as if Jacob understood what was happening. I'm so grateful to have a worthy and faithful husband to perform that sared ordinance. I'm also grateful to have the most amazing family ever! My mom (who has been to all 4 blessings) and my little brother drove 8 hours Saturday morning, and drove home (another 8 hours) right after Sacrament meeting just to be there to witness the blessing! Talk about loyalty! Plus, with the prices of gas these days... wow... they're just amazing.

Anyway, so we got baby Jacob all dressed up in his handsome white outfit this morning for the occasion. As I was getting him ready, I changed his diaper and noticed that he hadn't gone number 2 for over a day. So I knew something was coming and that it wouldn't be pretty... I even mentioned to Jon, that we had better not forget another diaper. So as predicted, right in the middle of church (gospel doctrine class) he had a HUGE blow-out! I had to hurry and go change him because I knew it was going to get all over his outfit if I didn't. But I was too late. His white blessing outfit that I was going to save forever and pass down through the generations was completely ruined. It now has a nasty poop stain all the way up the back. Isn't that just life?? Anyway, so we had to wrap him up in his blanket for the rest of the meetings, so no one would see it, (or smell it). I was going to take a picture, but I didn't want to gross everybody out. I'm just glad it didn't happen during the blessing when the microphone was close by! Anyway, we just had to laugh. I guess it made the occasion even more memorable. ;)

I was reflecting today about how fast these kids are growing up so I thought I'd make sure to document the blessings of days gone by...

Celeste Elizabeth 8/03 (2 months)

Benjamin Joseph 11/04 (1 month)

Charity Lynn 9/06 (2 months)

Blessings indeed!!!


jess said...

spray and wash will get out baby poop!! or soak in vivid color safe bleach. really, you can get it clean. i'm speaking from experience :)

Jill said...

What a sweet post! I love seeing the baby blessing pictures from all your adorable kids! :o)


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