Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools!

Jon and I love this holiday. In fact, we love this holiday so much we celebrate it year-round. It helps keep things spontaneous and interesting around here (as if 4 kids 4 and under isn't interesting enough). We have this realistic fake spider and this really freaky bobble-head that we take turns hiding for each other. (I know, it's soooo bizarre). The head of the bobble-head fell off, so instead of throwing it away, it became a weird way to have a laugh and amuse each other! This head has been hidden in the craziest places- in my underwear drawer, in my shoes, even in my cereal bowl!! But we save our extra-creative gags for April Fools. The only rules are that the pranks have to be harmless and FUN!

A few of the pranks of the past include...

-lemon juice in a 7-up bottle

-saran wrap over the toilet in the middle of the night

-a rubber-band tied to the spray nozzle pointed directly at the person using the faucet

-a fake fly in an ice cube

-the clock moved forward a couple hours

-a bucket of cold water dumped on each other while relaxing in the shower

I know... it's a wonder we're still together! But this year, I thought I'd include the kids since they're getting old enough to enjoy it with us. So I surprised them all at dinner with a more delicious version of the hamburger made with york peppermint patties and Nilla wafers. The kids were thrilled! I got this idea from the Family Fun website if anyone is interested. They're super easy and yummy too!


Jill said...

Hey, those are some great ideas! I'll have to remember them for next year! :o) Cute "hamburgers"!

Anonymous said...

That is sooo funny! I'll have to remember the mini burgers for next year! LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

We've been doing dinners from Family Fun for probably about 6 or 7 years!!! They are so fun! The green beans are quite time consuming. Glad you guys enjoy life!

jennifer said...

Those hamburgers are SO cute!

Chocolate Inspector said...

These look better than I had imagined from a description from someone at the Chocolate Chick Group! How funny!!
I have done Oreos with random ones filled with toothpaste (has to be white). That was funny to see that persons reaction. I love hearing what gets you through the hard days. I'll have to share some pics of Joey's messes. I feel your pain.


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