Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This morning was a little hectic. Our surburan broke down on my way to teach my kickboxing class. I was very blessed that I was able to steer it to the gas station before it went kaput, and that I have a wonderful friend who came to rescue us, and that I even made it to my class. I'm also very blessed that Mr. Wonderful is taking care of it as I'm writing this... but it was hectic nonetheless. So this afternoon, to get my mind off the stress of everything, I was thrilled to escape into a winter wonderland with my little snowbabies. Ahh, snow! It's amazing how it brings out the kid in us!

The kids (and I) enjoyed...

The snowflakes falling on our noses and eyelashes,

Making snow angels,

Appreciating the wonder of it (yes, that's my baby boy in a pink snow suit),

and... eating it.
But after a while, they were so done! (I'm not sure if Baby Jakey was crying cause his mommy dressed him in pink, or cause he was freezing cold ;))

So inside we went, to warm our hands by the fireplace...

And drink some hot cocoa (in sippy cups)

And life was good again!

And life was good again!


Lilola said...

How do marshmallows work in sippy cups? What a fun day!

Melisa said...

You are so positive. I'd be whining for sure. Glad everything is okay now and you were in the mood for some snow fun!

Jill said...

I'm loving the pictures! And your new family picture on the sidebar is so cute - I love Benny's expression! ha ha! Sorry about your car trouble. Are you down to one car, now?

jennifer said...

What a fun day! (Minus the car trouble of course!)
Nothin' cuter than little ones all bundled up to play in the snow!

The Woods said...

Ah, what a trooper you are! We enjoy the snow from our window :)

shannon said...

Thanks for your optimism! It's amazing how things worked out for you even with the car trouble. I love hot choco!

nicole said...

Yes, we had to forgo the marshmallows this time, much to the dismay of the little ones! I hope you're enjoying the snow too! :)

No, luckily Mr. Wonderful took the "burbage" in to get fixed... so life is back to normal. Thanks for asking!


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