Monday, August 8, 2011

Baptism Day!

Isn't this the sweetest picture? I just love this one so much. This was Celeste on her baby blessing day. She was so innocent then.

Well, our little Celeste was baptized this Saturday, and now she's perfectly innocent once again. If you're wondering- this is what we believe about baptism. What a journey she has ahead of her. My mom gave a talk on the Holy Spirit, our family sang a quartet, and Celeste even she sang a solo called "My Heavenly Father Loves Me." We videotaped it at home- so I'll upload that on here soon. It was sweet. So are some pics of her special day:

Notice Daddy's tie- it has pictures of Celeste as a baby all over it. It was fitting for the occasion. :)

We took about 10 picture attempts of the whole family, but NONE of them worked out. Believe it or not, THIS is the best one we got, haha!

After the baptism, all the people who were in attendance wrote little notes for her to save in her scrapbook as a keepsake. We were grateful to all the people who came to support her.

Celeste, we're so proud of you for making this important step in your life. You've chosen to take upon yourself the name of Christ and try to be like Him. His love truly shines through your bright eyes and sweet smile!

Love you love you!


Jill said...

What a special day! Congratulations to you and to Celeste. She is such a sweet girl. :)

Julie Jardine said...

Yeah! What a great day! Wish we could have been there! I love baptisms. The spirit is always so strong. She looks just gorgeous in that beautiful dress. I love it. Looks like it was a wonderful day.


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