Saturday, August 13, 2011

Europe (finally!)

So I figured I'd better finish this post about my trip to Bulgaria before I forget all about it! But as usual, I'll let the pictures do the talking. So grateful for this opportunity- and all the amazing people I met!! Here are some pics of my unforgettable summer adventure:

Renowned Varna Opera House

After the Broadway Show


My favorite girls!

Check out our outrageous costumes!! Lady Gaga-ish, huh?!! Soo weird- but fun!


Fun pic. with my bros.

I'm usually not one to focus on the negative. I think there is great power in positive thinking and looking for the good. But I just have to point out something-

We all couldn't help but notice how many things went wrong on this trip. It was almost comical- it was seriously one thing after the next!! At the time it wasn't exactly laughable though.

So here are just a FEW of the things that went wrong on this trip:

My passport disaster
Crazy layovers – some 6, 7, 10, 12 hours long
3 girls were lost in Europe after 2nd leg of trip – and no one knew where they were for a few days.
12 people lost luggage – and many didn't get it returned for a few days.
Flu outbreak
No restaurants or places to eat at Sophia hotel
Rehearsal schedule changes without being notified
Separate Cold/cough outbreak
No toilet paper/soap or SEATS
Multiple attempts of theft/pick pockets
Many thefts- including a stolen bag, IPhone, camera, and wallet
Due to time constraints the Maestro cut most of the 2nd Act at the last minute
My friend Chelsea had pinched nerve in her arm- caused her severe pain – she went to 3 different hospitals – no one spoke English
Starting time mix-up for 1st Magic Flute – first scheduled at 7:00 – then 7:30 – but actually 8:00 and only supposed to go until 9:00!!
After everyone spent months memorizing spoken lines, they cut over half of them
Broadway stage unsafe – huge cavern (originally pit) under flimsy wooden floor – we were supposed to have 40 people jumping up and down on it! Had to restage
No A/C for Broadway actors – they were all sweating horribly
Nails/staples on stage – there were at least 100 nails on the stage
No time (or place) for Master Classes
Changed venues/itinerary/times without telling us
Forced to rehearse in courtyard (90 degrees) because rooms inadequate/small with no A/C
Inadequate rehearsal facilities- in a TINY room (dressing/practice room) with piano and 40 people in 90 degrees
The worst thing- Conductor demanded to switch Tamino and Sarastro in intermission at 2nd performance!!
Staff refused to stop smoking in Opera House
No blackouts/curtains for performance as rehearsed
No rehearsal with orchestra/conductor for final cast at Opera House
Papageno swallowed bug during Opera performance – lodged in throat – couldn’t sing for few measures
Mom had to step in and sight read for Chealsea during the 1st performance of Magic Flute

And that wasn't even half of it!

But um, other than that, the trip was awesome! We all survived! And grew closer to each other through it all. We even thought of making t-shirts for everyone that said, "I survived Varna International - and still had a blast!" Seriously- if we could do this and still put on a great show- we can do anything.

I missed my family so much though. The kids were so sweet. They threw a big party for me when I got home! They even decorated the living room...

And there were lots of hugs and loves when I got back and I couldn't get enough. There's no place like home.

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Julie Jardine said...

Wow, crazy. Glad you still had fun. It's what makes life interesting huh?
Plus you got to wear that cool costume!!


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