Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baby Jarom

Aww, I love this sweet slumbering snugglebug. It's amazing how accurate that 3D ultrasound was. I have to say though, I like him much more outside the womb... except at night sometimes. ;)

We're starting to see more of this adorable smile these days. These next few months are my favorite! I love watching his personality begin to emerge as he takes in all everything around him. It's all so new and exciting. And I love that I get to watch him grow and develop. He has such a huge personality crammed in that tiny body! I just can't get enough of this little guy!


Jill said...

Jarom looks like Charity to me - such a cutie! I love how plump he is, adorable! :D

Julie Jardine said...

That Ultra sound pic thing is awesome! I haven't yet had the priveledge of having one of those 3-d kind yet. But that is super cool that you have a "before and after".


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