Sunday, September 19, 2010

Family Service Project

Here's an idea for any family who wants to:
-Teach children the value of compassion and kindness
-Get rid of extra clutter in the home
-Build family unity through serving together
-Help those who are suffering or in need
Step 1:
Show children (age-appropriate) pictures of suffering in other countries. Help them understand that most people don't have the comforts and privileges that we enjoy here. Read scriptures, and teach them what Jesus taught about loving and serving others.
Step 2:
Gather up the extra "stuff" from around the house. Let the kids participate, by having them select some of their own toys and clothes to donate.
Step 3:
Have a "Charity Garage Sale" Make sure to specify which charity you are supporting, and that 100% of the proceeds will be donated.
Step 4:
Take the money you earned and buy items to make a humanitarian kit. Here are directions from lds humanitarian services for 3 different kits:

Hygene Kits:
(Hygene kits are sent to orphanages, homeless shelters, medical facilities, and disaster areas)
Place the following items in a heavy-duty, one-gallon
sealable bag. Remove the air before sealing.
· 2 unbreakable combs without sharp handles
· 4 toothbrushes (sealed)
· 1 tube of toothpaste (6-8 ounces, no pumps)
· 2 bars of soap (3.5-5 ounces each)
· 2 hand towels (approximately 15x25 inches)
Dishtowels and washcloths are not
If sewing towels, use terry cloth and serge
or zigzag edges to prevent fraying.
Newborn Kits:
(Newborn kits are sent to orphanages and hospitals, particularly in developing countries)
Place the following items in a heavy-duty, two-gallon
sealable bag:
· 4 single thickness cloth diapers
Approximately 25x27 inches
Birdseye Cloth or diaper flannel, 100% cotton
No pre-fold or disposable diapers
· 4 diaper safety pins
· 1 pair booties or baby socks
· 2 bars of soap 3.5-5 ounces each (Ivory or other
non-allergenic brand)
· *1 receiving blanket (36x36 – 45x45 inches)
· 1 layette gown
No footed sleepers, buttons, zippers or strings
Size: Newborn to 6 months, Fabric: cotton knit
Layette gown patterns are available at the
LDS Humanitarian Center, Humanitarian Service
Rooms and at
School Kits:
(School kits are sent to schools and orphanages. On occasion school kits will be sent to disaster areas.)
Place the following items in a durable cloth bag:
- 4 unsharpened pencils
· 1 rubber pencil eraser - approximately 1x2 inches
· 1 pair blunt nosed scissors with metal blades
· 1 pencil sharpener
· 1 straight edge ruler - 12 inches, with metric
· Glued or spiral bound notebooks with lined sheets, 8 x 10 ½,
or 8 ½ x 11 inches
Notebooks should total approximately 450 sheets
Do not include more than 6 notebooks
· 1 set assorted colored pencils
at least 12 per set, approximately 7 inches long
Step 5: Include children in purchasing items and assembling the kits...

Step 6: One of the requirements is to remove the air from each kit. So have the kids to give each kit a giant hug to send their love...

Step 7: Send completed kits to:

Latter-day Saint Humanitarian Center
1665 South Bennett Road
Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Step 8: Feel the joy of service! And teach the children that those warm feelings are a confirmation that they're doing what Jesus would have them do.

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Jill said...

OH MY GOODNESS! What a GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing!


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