Sunday, July 20, 2008

Light from above

I was so blown away by girls camp this year. It was THE most spiritual experience I've had since Jacob was born, and by far the most amazing camp experience for me EVER. I know that each of girls who were able to go grew spiritually. I was only able to go up two of the four days, but I loved every minute of it. The final night at camp was the most touching. There was a Stake testimony meeting and then we met with our individual ward in our cabins for our own testimony meetings. I can't even begin to describe how amazing it was. The spirit was so strong in that little cabin, and everyone was so filled with love for each other. It was just so beautiful and we were all total bawl babies.
There's just something so bonding about sharing our deepest feelings about the gospel of Jesus Christ out in nature, wearing no make-up, no worldliness... we were all dressed the same, and we were all so vulnerable and unified. My heart was overflowing with love for each one of them and for Heavenly Father. I know that the spirit of God testified the truthfulness of the gospel to everyone who was there. I hesitated to even write about it because it was just really a sacred night for us. I just love each one of those girls, and I hope they always stay strong in their testimony of the gospel, because it's the only way to true joy in this life. And I hope they always remember the feelings they had that night... I sure will.

The theme for camp this year was "I never stand alone" based on a beautiful song that they taught the girls. It's about how we're never alone when we hold to our standards because we stand with the prophets of God. Each ward had to choose a prophet to represent them... our girls chose the prophet Helaman. So our whole theme revolved around "Heal-a-man". We got to wear scrub tops and hats, and the girls handed out band-aids they had decorated to their fellow campers. The skit (written by our tremendously talented secretary) featured girls with physical wounds that were healed spiritually. For example, one girl "Patty Pride" was suffering from a stiff neck, and the doctor prescribed humble pie. Another girl, "Julie Judgemental" had a mote in her eye. The doctor prescribed rose colored glasses to see the love God has for everyone. Then there was "Dirty Daisy" who had unclean hands, and of course the remedy was repentance through our Savior. There were a few other cute ones, and then the last girl, "Wanda Wallflower" was suffering from a broken heart, and didn't feel like she fit in with the other girls. So the doctor asked all the other patients to come back in for a group hug. They ended the skit by singing "We'll bring the world his truth". It was just great. I think one of the best things was that they did that skit on the first night, and it helped them to focus on others and try to look outward to give away the band-aids. I think it was also a great ice-breaker and helped them make friends. So by the last night, there was just a real feeling of unity and charity among them. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to help put it together, and for our AMAZING camp director Jennifer who worked tirelessly for the benefit of the young women.

Another really neat experience was when we did the ropes course. I'm afraid of heights and was very apprehensive about participating in the ropes course, but this young woman was so courageous, she inspired me to keep going. We had to climb up a tall pole with carabeaners, and then cross the ropes that were suspended about 20 feet in the air to get to the other pole. Well this young lady went first and ended up falling, and got her feet all wrapped up in the ropes. She was in quite a predicament. But she worked her way out of it, and pulled herself up, and then continued up to the next level about twice as high... and all the way up to the top, and finally down the zip line. I was so inspired by her! She gave me courage to keep going when I wanted to quit. At the end of the camp, Jennifer and I handed out awards to the young women, and this particular young woman was dubbed Dr. Resiliant for her inspirational bravery. (By the way, my hair was wet in this picture... I was NOT lactating on myself ;) he he)

This was a visit from the Prophet Moroni from the Book of Mormon who compared the trials of his day with our own. What a blessing it is to have the restored gospel in my life, and to know the truthfulness of these things. I am so grateful that I'll never stand alone in this life, because I stand with the prophets of God.

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Sarah C said...

Wow! That sounds like an amazing experience. I was touched just by reading about it.


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